ACQS Workshop: Feedback and Complaints

20230126 ACQS No.6 01

Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS) was first introduced in Australia on 1st July 2019 and funded by the Australian government. The objective was to ensure senior consumers receive high-quality care and services. The Quality Standards are comprised of eight standards, ranging from health, safety, personal care, and the organisation's service environment. In addition, Chung Wah Community Care (Chung Wah CC) regularly hosts workshops for our senior members to understand their rights and responsibility in the community.

Last week, Chung Wah CC hosted workshops at the Balcatta and Willetton Hubs on Standard No.6 - Feedback & Complaints. The Standard covers key elements as follows:

01. From the consumer perspective: Consumers have the right to provide positive and negative feedback to their organisation about the care and services they receive. Consumers should feel safe and engaged in processes to address feedback and complaints. 

02. From the service organisation perspective: to seek regular input and feedback from consumers, carers, the workforce and others and uses the information and feedback to guide continuous improvements.

Nunu and Victor from The Compliant Handling Team further emphasised that providing input and feedback is the consumer's absolute right. It also helps Chung Wah CC to pursue continuous improvement. In fact, the management team at Chung Wah CC take complaints and feedback very seriously. Consumers can provide feedback and complain in various ways, including by writing, phone calls, or in person. The workshops encourage open communication and ensure transparent processes. Presenters provided examples to illustrate effective communication and explained how Chung Wah CC handles complaints and contacts relevant parties involved.

20230126 ACQS No.6 02

20230126 ACQS No.6 03

20230126 ACQS No.6 04

Furthermore, suppose both parties are not satisfied with the results of the complaints, Chung Wah CC will gladly provide alternate third-party agency information allowing consumers to seek for appeal. Finally, at the end of the workshop, presenters send a list of third-party rights and protection agencies to consumers for their reference.

Chung Wah has been servicing the WA community since 1909, dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, Chung Wah CC has over 35 years of professional care experience helping seniors and people with disability improve their well-being and better integrate into the community. In 2023, we're promoting our theme, "Embrace, Elevate, and Flourish", to reach far and wide with various young and old communities to build a better community for all.

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