New Start to a New Year's Theme

00 Chung Wah CC Calendar 2023 Cover

01 Chung Wah CC Calendar 2023 JAN

The much-anticipated year of 2023 kicked off with dazzling fireworks and various new year activities.

Ms Cheung's wall has replaced a brand-new Chung Wah Community Care (Chung Wah CC) calendar while reminiscing the old calendar that featured different tree species in Australia.

The past year has been special. The Queen's tree in September also witnessed changes in the Royal Family. So, stepping into the year 2023, we are pleased to announce the official launch of our rebrand from Chung Wah Community & Aged Care to Chung Wah Community Care. Chung Wah CC's new symbol features our beloved bird mascot, AKA "Red". The different colours on its feather represent our vibrant multicultural community.

The key theme for this year is Embrace, Elevate, and Flourish. The new brand platform connects stakeholders with key topics aligned with the common interests of everyday wellness to further enhance the quality of service in the local community. So, in 2023, let's ignite our passion for adventures and enjoy each other's company in Western Australia.

To coincide with the vibe of the Lunar New Year's festivities, the calendar theme for January is "Let's Celebrate". It is a precious time of the year, regardless of where you come from, celebrate the dazzling holidays just like at home. Spending time with loved ones during these festive times is exhilarating.

Chung Wah has been servicing the WA community since 1909, dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, Chung Wah CC has over 35 years of professional care experience helping seniors and people with disability improve their well-being and better integrate into the community. In 2023, we're promoting our theme, "Embrace, Elevate, and Flourish", to reach far and wide with various young and old communities to build a better community for all.

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