Experience the Joy of Tai Chi Culture at CWCC: Your Pathway to a Healthier Life

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On the morning of June 6th, the Chung Wah Community Care (CWCC) Balcatta Community Hub was imbued with the rich atmosphere of Tai Chi culture. As part of the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations, a professional team led by Master Liao Shude performed an impressive Tai Chi demonstration, leaving the seniors in awe with their fluid and graceful movements.

On stage, the performers moved in perfect harmony; off stage, the seniors eagerly imitated the calm and smooth actions of the performers. Master Liao, the leading event performer, is also the volunteer Tai Chi instructor at CWCC. He has a dedicated group of senior students at the Balcatta Community Hub, where he teaches a detailed one-hour Tai Chi class every Thursday.

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One of the most active students in the Tai Chi class is 72-year-old Mrs. Fu Yumei. Once dependent on a walking stick due to knee problems, she now moves freely without aids. Mrs. Fu praises Master Liao's comprehensive teaching methods. He teaches the movements and explains the principles behind them, making the practice more accurate and effective. She believes professional guidance is crucial in exercise and attributes her progress to it.

Master Liao, 69, has decades of experience in Tai Chi and has worked with the Guangzhou Tai Chi Association and the Western Australian Tai Chi Association. His years of practice have given him a deep understanding of Tai Chi's fitness concepts, behavioural patterns, and values. While sharing his Tai Chi experience with CWCC seniors, he emphasised the importance of continuous exercise in maintaining independence for older people. He praised CWCC's thoughtful arrangement of exercise sessions for seniors.

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Master Liao also recommended CWCC's YouTube program "Staying Active at Home," which he believes is an excellent option for seniors to learn and practise at home. This remote professional guidance helps seniors maintain good exercise habits.

The 8-member performance team led by Master Liao has an average age of over 65, with the oldest member, Mr. Cai, over 78. This team has been practising Tai Chi for a long time, and their vitality and enthusiasm showcase the charm of Tai Chi culture. They are dedicated to promoting the importance of senior fitness in society. Team members expressed their admiration for the spirit and services of CWCC seniors and hope their actions can bring health, vitality, and joy to more seniors.  

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