Palliative Care Exchange to Optimise Aged Care Services

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On the morning of June 7th, representatives from Chung Wah Community Care (CWCC), Amar and Sally were honoured to attend the invaluable Linkages Showcase event organised by ELDAC (End of Life Directions in Aged Care).

As a distinguished institution providing aged care services for ethnic minorities, CWCC shared the unique challenges of discussing palliative care within the Asian cultural context and its experiences assisting seniors with a better advance care planning.

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ELDAC is an Australian professional organisation specialising in palliative care and advance care planning. It aims to provide information, guidance, and resources to healthcare professionals and aged care workers. Since April 2023, CWCC has partnered with ELDAC to offer a unique perspective and valuable practical experience in developing aged care services across Australia.

Due to cultural reasons, end-of-life issues are often a taboo topic in Asian cultures. However, advance care planning and palliative care are crucial in aged care, helping seniors receive dignified and comfortable care in their final stages of life.

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As part of the ELDAC Linkages Program, CWCC collaborates with the Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) to provide relevant staff training, helping them engage in culturally appropriate end-of-life care discussions with clients and their families. CWCC also co-hosts advance care planning seminars at their community hubs with Dr Ruth Wei, a Palliative Care WA board member, offering free one-on-one consultation services to help community members open up, think positively about end-of-life issues, and constructively discuss the quality of life.

The wheels of change have begun to turn, and CWCC's efforts are making a significant impact. Through the ELDAC Linkages Program, CWCC has made palliative care more widely accepted in the community and successfully crossed cultural barriers to increase the acceptance of advance care planning. This transformation is evident at the individual level and is profoundly shaping the community as a whole.

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In the future, CWCC will continue to provide community education, focus on and support those undergoing cultural transitions, build a stronger support network, and contribute more to the spread of palliative care and its support services.

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