Development & Training Day to Empower Our Team

The two-day Chung Wah Community Care (Chung Wah CC) training & training event at a resort in the Swan Valley was a big success! This was a fantastic opportunity for our staff to take a short break from the daily workload and focus on the organisation's deep-rooted cultures. People are essential to the organisation, and we value each team member. Through such training and development event, we brainstormed ideas and strategies to tackle the forthcoming challenges and conducted team-building activities to cultivate team spirit.
20221027 Training and Development Day 2022 01
Our CEO, Mrs Theresa Kwok and our Chair of the Independent Board of Management, Mrs Esther Chang, extended their gratitude and best wishes to all our team members, especially support workers and volunteers who did not attend the event. They emphasised the entire team has dedicated an incredible amount of energy and effort in the past year. Given the challenging environment they faced, we sincerely thank their priceless contribution.
While Chung Wah CC has maintained outstanding performance in the fiscal year 2021 - 2022, we remain vigilant and embrace the challenges ahead. We strived for continuous improvements throughout the organisation. Our guest speaker, Ruth, a professional physiotherapist, delivered a keynote speech on wellbeing. She explained ways to achieve work-life balance and how to leverage technology to achieve overall health and wellbeing.
To further enrich everyone's experience, new and seasoned team members engaged with each other at the mini golf. They also brainstormed and strategised on how to improve various aspects of Chung Wah CC on the second day of the training. As a result, everyone feels rejuvenated at the end of the two-day training and is ready to deal with the new challenges ahead.
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Chung Wah has been servicing the WA community since 1909, dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, Chung Wah CC has over 35 years of professional care experience helping seniors and people with disability improve their wellbeing and better integrate into the community. In 2022, we're promoting our theme, "Branching Together", to reach far and wide with various communities, young and old, to build a better community for all.

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