Exchange of Youth and Wisdom: CWCC Welcomes Hong Kong Students

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On April 24th, Chung Wah Community Care (CWCC) at the Balcatta Community Hub was delighted to welcome a special group of visitors—30 students from Hong Kong. Their visit was not merely a tour but an in-depth exploration of Australian society's care and support for the elderly and vulnerable, as well as an opportunity to delve into CWCC's extensive history, service philosophy, and cultural values.

The visit was a key part of the 'International Youth Exchange and Perth Study Tour,' highlighting CWCC's esteemed reputation in immigrant services and aged care support, which resonates as far as Hong Kong.

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The students, ranging in age from 13 to 24, infused the Balcatta Community Hub with youthful energy. During their visit, they participated in various interactive activities with the seniors, including sports and dance, creating an atmosphere brimming with laughter and lively engagement. They also prepared an assortment of performances that captivated our seniors. They include amusing magic card tricks, a martial arts display, and a musical performance that won continuous applause. A heartfelt duet with the seniors on a famous Canto-pop song, "Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies", beautifully bridged generational and geographical divides.

The students showed enthusiastic interest in CWCC's daily operations, keenly inquiring about the frequency of activities, the social interactions of the seniors, and the roles of volunteers. Our CWCC Staff at the hub responded thoroughly to the students' queries. Many students were astounded to discover such a nurturing community so far from home in Perth that provides familial warmth and care to immigrants. Furthermore, staff members detailed welfare policies in Australia, the aged care system, service mechanisms, CWCC's 40-year evolution, and ongoing reforms to meet the dynamic needs of the immigrant community. They discussed specific cases to illustrate CWCC's diverse services and core principles: empowering our senior clients to make choices, maintain independence, and enhance their quality of life.

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In the interactive Q&A session, the concept of "Choice" resonated deeply with the students. Despite potential limitations due to aging, language barriers, and distance from home, CWCC consistently offers varied options and robust support. Whether engaging in community activities, learning new skills, or forging new friendships, CWCC ensures seniors experience autonomy and dignity.

As the event concluded and the students prepared for their journey back to Hong Kong, CWCC staff expressed their hopes: "As you return, we encourage you to keep considering the importance of aged care. Whether it's through volunteering or simply by raising awareness, we hope you will continue to advocate for the seniors and support the vulnerable groups in your community."

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