Carer Camp in the Tranquil Perth Peel Region: Nurturing Hearts and Connections

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In the heart of the picturesque Perth Peel region, where turquoise waters meet golden sands, a haven awaited—the Carer Camp. Organized by Chung Wah Community Care and generously funded by Carers WA, this retreat brought together carers from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Against the backdrop of whispering eucalyptus trees and sun-kissed beaches, they found consolation, friendship, and a renewed sense of purpose.

In this article, we invite you to try immersing yourself with us in the Carer Camp—a journey where self-care blossomed, friendships bloomed, and hearts intertwined.

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Day 1: Arriving and Bonding

Monday: Settling In

As the sun dipped low, carers arrived at the serene Carers WA retreat home on 18 Pembroke Court, Warnbro. Their tired eyes held stories of resilience and love. Mid-afternoon saw them settling into cozy rooms, their anticipation palpable. A group meeting followed, where house rules were shared, and laughter echoed. Over dinner, strangers became companions, weaving a bond of shared experiences. For the carers, this was the start of something beautiful.

Afternoon Activity: Dumpling Delights

In the kitchen, flour dusted the air as carers gathered around the kitchen bench. Dumplings took shape—each fold a testament to care and connection. As they pinched and pleated, they unknowingly stitched their hearts together.

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Day 2: Igniting Creativity and Exploration

Tuesday Morning: Candle-Making Workshop

Sunrise painted the sky as carers gathered for a candle-making workshop. Wax melted, colours blended, wicks found their places, peaceful music and the aroma of rose pedals filled the room. Each candle symbolized hope—a flicker of light in the caregiving journey. The overnight group poured their hearts into these creations.

Afternoon Adventure: Pinjarra Historic Trail and Zoo

Filled with content and restfulness, our carers embarked on an adventure to Pinjarra. Ancient trails whispered stories of resilience as carers walked in the footsteps of history. At the zoo, they marvelled at creatures big and small, finding peace in the simplicity of nature.

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Day 3: Mindfulness and Ocean Breezes

Wednesday Morning: Finding Zen in Zentangles

Zentangles—meditative doodles—filled the morning. Pens danced across paper, creating intricate patterns. Amidst ink strokes, carers discovered stillness. The carer found their centre, one pen stroke at a time.

Afternoon Exploration: Mandurah Boat Tour and the Giant

The sky-blue waters of Mandurah welcomed us as the carers arrived. After a delightful lunch by the Mandurah foreshore, carers boarded a boat, wind tousling their hair. Mangroves whispered secrets, hidden coves revealed themselves, and playful dolphins poked their heads out of water. The Giant (Santi Ikto) stood as a silent witness to endurance. Our carers savoured the moment by its side in the sea’s embrace.

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Day 4: Gratitude and New Beginnings

Morning Exercise and Farewell Brunch

The final morning dawned, crisp and hopeful. Carers stretched, their bodies awakening. Over a hearty brunch, they exchanged promises to stay connected. The retreat ended, but the bonds forged would endure long after.

Conclusion: Carers Unite

The Carer Camp was more than a retreat; it was a sanctuary where carers from diverse backgrounds found kinship. As they returned to their daily lives, they carried with them the warmth of shared meals, the glow of candlelight, and the compassionate words of their fellow carers. To all carers: You are seen, valued, and cherished.

To access Carer Gateway services such as this retreat, please contact us for support.

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