Celebrating Harmony Week in Western Australia

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Harmony Week has become a vital part of Western Australia. As an aged care service provider in WA, Chung Wah Community Care (CWCC) has always been committed to promoting harmony and multiculturalism in the community. This year, we hosted a grand celebration at the community hub to commemorate this proud moment.

The history of Harmony Week in Western Australia dates back to 2003. It is an important event established to celebrate the cultural diversity of Western Australia and the harmony of the community. From March 15th to 21st every year, the entire Western Australia is immersed in the atmosphere of Harmony Week, commemorating and promoting the coexistence and exchange of multiculturalism.

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You might wonder why orange is the representative colour of Harmony Week. Orange represents vitality, warmth, and inclusiveness, symbolising the beautiful and grand vision of various cultures coexisting in harmony. This choice originates from the tradition of the Dutch royal family. It has been adopted by Harmony Week celebrations worldwide, including Western Australia.

CWCC has always supported Australian multiculturalism. We understand the importance of multiculturalism to our community. We are committed to providing thoughtful, culturally appropriate services to our community from various cultural backgrounds, creating a truly integrated and inclusive environment for them. Everyone can share their cultural traditions, values, and experiences in a multicultural community. This exchange not only enriches our lives but also promotes understanding and respect between each other. At CWCC, we firmly believe that multiculturalism is the key to the harmonious development of the community.

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We decorated the community hubs with orange decorations to celebrate Harmony Week, creating a cheerful and warm atmosphere. The orange colour brought vitality and joy, making everyone feel the festive atmosphere. At the same time, we encouraged the seniors at the community hubs to wear orange clothes or traditional ethnic costumes to participate in the activities, showcasing their cultural traditions and individuality while also adding to the lively atmosphere of the celebration. Our staff also wore orange clothing to celebrate Harmony Week with the seniors, expressing respect and support for multiculturalism.

At this special moment, CWCC welcomes everyone to join our celebration and enjoy the happiness and reunion brought by Harmony Week. Let's join hands to create a community full of love and inclusiveness where the flowers of multiculturalism bloom on this land!

Chung Wah has been servicing the WA community since 1909, dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, Chung Wah CC has 40 years of professional care experience helping seniors and people with disability improve their well-being and better integrate into the community. This year's theme, "Celebrating Our Cultural Strands," reflects our 40 years of commitment to understanding, integration, and moving forward together for a more harmonious and better community for all.

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