The Premiere of "Good Times in Perth"

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The first broadcast of "Good Times in Perth" by Chung Wah Community Care (CWCC) Radio marks a new era.

As a leader in the aged care industry in Western Australia, CWCC has always walked hand in hand with the community, providing services needed by seniors and community members. With the arrival of the New Year of the Dragon, CWCC Radio has undergone a notable transformation, officially stepping into the era of artificial intelligence and the internet.

This innovative move enhances CWCC Radio and makes its services more convenient and comprehensive. Compared to traditional broadcasting, online broadcasting is accessible anytime, anywhere, freeing the audience from the constraints of time and place. Moreover, online broadcasting can enhance the audience's auditory experience by adding visual graphics, making the programs more engaging.

The premiere of "Good Times in Perth" is rich in content, covering the introduction of CWCC, "Australian Encyclopaedia", Carer Gateway services, and a feature story on Evergreen College. The segment "Australian Encyclopaedia" focuses on the challenges and difficulties faced by Asian immigrants living in Australia and introduces some organisations that help them integrate into the community. The feature story discusses how CWCC's "Evergreen College" encourages seniors to embark on new adventures in their golden years, learn new skills, and make the most of it.

Listening to CWCC Radio's programs is very simple. Just visit CWCC's official website (, scroll down on the homepage to find links labelled "Good Times in Perth Mandarin Channel", "Good Times in Perth Cantonese Channel", "Good Times in Perth Vietnamese Channel", select the language of your choice, then select the first episode and click play. 

The premiere of "Good Times in Perth" by CWCC Radio provides a wealth of information and content for seniors. It reflects CWCC's commitment to using the latest technology to serve the community.

Chung Wah has been servicing the WA community since 1909, dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, Chung Wah CC has 40 years of professional care experience helping seniors and people with disabilities improve their well-being and better integrate into the community. This year's theme, "Celebrating Our Cultural Strands", reflects our 40 years of commitment to understanding, integration, and moving forward together for a more harmonious and better community for all.


作为西澳长者护理行业的领导者,CWCC 一直与社区同行,并且一直在为长者和社区人士提供所需的服务。而随着新的甲辰龙年的到来, CWCC 电台迎来了一场引人注目的改革,正式迈向了人工智能与网络时代。这一创新的举措不仅使得 CWCC 电台更加现代化,也将使其服务更加便捷和全面。传统广播与线上广播相比,线上广播的优势在于其可以随时随地收听的特点,观众不再受时间和地点的限制。此外,线上广播还可以通过增加视觉图形等方式,增强观众的听觉体验,使节目更加生动有趣。

《珀斯好日子》的首播内容丰富多彩,涵盖了 CWCC 的介绍、《澳洲小百科》、照顾者门户服务以及长青学院的专题故事。《珀斯好日子》的《澳洲小百科》环节,聚焦在澳洲生活的亚裔移民所面临的挑战和困难,并介绍了一些帮助他们融入社区的组织。专题故事报道了CWCC 所提供的“长青学院”。这个学院旨在鼓励长者在黄金岁月里踏上新的冒险,学习新技能,并充分利用自己的晚年时光。

想要收听 CWCC 电台的节目非常简单。只需要访问 CWCC 的官方网站(,在首页下滑即可找到标有“珀斯好日子 普通话频道”、“珀斯好日子 广东话频道”、“珀斯好日子 越南语频道”,选择自己喜欢的语言的链接,然后选择第一集,点击播放即可。总的来说, CWCC 电台的首播《珀斯好日子》不仅为社区和长者顾客提供了丰富多彩的资讯和内容,也体现了 CWCC 致力于采用最新技术,为社区服务的承诺。

中华从 1909 年开始建基于西澳,拓展亚裔社区服务,至今已走过 115 年的辉煌岁月。CWCC 专注于长者和殘障人士护理服务,我们累积了 40 年的专业服务经验。CWCC 将努力不懈地持续优化长者和殘障人士的生活能力和生活质量。「知心共进」是我们今年的主题,我们将一如过往 40 年,怀着理解与共融精神,与社区人士一同携手前进,打造一个更和谐、更美好的社区。

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