Media Innovation: CWCC's Voice of Wellness

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Navigating community life in Australia as a CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) immigrant can be challenging. How do you keep abreast of the latest developments? Chung Wah Community Care (CWCC) offers many platforms to ensure you're always connected.

Through CWCC's official website, you're just a click away from the latest in Chung Wah stories and our insightful quarterly magazine, "Living Stronger." This treasure trove of resources spans client interviews, community hubs, vital health information, volunteer opportunities, caregiver support, local events, and updates from Evergreen College—everything you need to stay informed and engaged with your community.

20240418 CWCC New Media 02

For those who favour the familiarity of Chinese social media, our WeChat public account, "ChungWahCC 华人服务在珀斯," provides articles and updates in the comfort of your preferred platform. Alternatively, our Facebook page, "Chung Wah Community Care," connects you with the broader Australian audience. Print contents with CWCC feature stories can be found in Perth's local Chinese newspapers, and video enthusiasts will delight in the rich, practical content available on our YouTube channel, "Chung Wah Community Care 中华社区服务."

Over the past decade, CWCC's approach to media has evolved remarkably. Initially anchored in traditional media like local Chinese newspapers and radio, we've expanded into digital realms to ensure no corner of the CALD community is left untouched. Our latest innovation? Transitioning our health radio programs to YouTube, complete with AI presenters. Now available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese, these broadcasts are accessible around the clock, anywhere in the world. Louis, who once spearheaded CWCC's health broadcasts, reflects on the progress: "CWCC's efforts have dramatically increased the visibility and support for CALD seniors, helping them feel a renewed sense of community and belonging."

Embracing the digital tide, CWCC has harnessed cutting-edge technologies to deliver a wide array of services tailored for CALD seniors. Our commitment to caring for seniors and immigrants remains steadfast amidst these changes. As Louis notes, "While AI might replace some roles, the empathy towards a human-centric service that CWCC offers will always be irreplaceable."

In this era of rapid technological progress, the importance of human connection cannot be overstated. Looking ahead, CWCC is committed to enhancing support for every CALD senior, ensuring they experience the warmth of home and feel a step closer to the community every day.

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